Toothpaste, alternative uses

Toothpaste, alternative uses

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We are all used to associate the toothpaste as an oral hygiene product, but its uses can go far beyond cleaning the teeth!

The toothpaste it eliminates bad smells, stains, whitens nails, soothes burns and insect bites and can also become a hair gel. Let's see in detail the alternative uses of toothpaste giving you all the necessary tips.

Alternative uses of toothpaste, personal care

  • Against pimples

Put some toothpaste on the pimples and let it act overnight. In the morning rinse with warm water

  • Dirty yellow nails

Rub some toothpaste on your nails with the help of an old toothbrush then rinse.

  • Bad smells

Against the smell of onion, garlic, fish ... on your hands, spread the toothpaste on your fingers and palms and let it act for a few minutes. Rinse with soap and water.

  • Burns and stings

In case of slightly sunburned skin or an insect bite, apply the toothpaste to the affected area for quick relief from burning and itching.

  • Hair gel

To shape your hair you can use toothpaste as if it were a gel. To avoid toothpastes with microgranules.

Alternative uses of toothpaste, house cleaning

  • Stubborn stains

In case of stains on the fabrics, apply the toothpaste directly on the stain to be treated, rub lightly and then proceed with the normal washing.
If it comes to stains on sofas, rugs, carpets, brush off the toothpaste before rinsing. Avoid bleached toothpastes to avoid damaging the garment.

  • For polishing silverware

To polish the silverware, apply the toothpaste with an old toothbrush and let it act for at least 4 hours. Rinse everything and dry with a soft cloth. Never use the product on pearls.

  • Dirty sneakers

To get rid of stains, rub toothpaste on your shoes then wipe off the residue with a damp cloth.

  • Dirty iron

To clean the iron from the classic burnt crusts, rub the toothpaste plate: thanks to the silica contained in it, the rust will disappear.

  • Fogged glass

Scuba divers already know this old trick. To prevent the lenses of masks and goggles from fogging, gently rub a thin layer of toothpaste and then rinse: this simple operation will greatly reduce the problem of fogging.

  • Scratches

Thanks to the abrasive substances present in the toothpaste it is possible to smooth the surfaces damaged by small superficial scratches. It can be used on glass and on CDs and DVDs: just apply a thin layer of toothpaste and rub gently to finally remove all residues.

Apparently the uses of toothpaste can be many but don't forget its main use! Oral hygiene is essential for the well-being of the teeth. Another fundamental thing is the choice of toothpaste: why not self-produce it at home? In this regard, we refer you to the article "How to make a toothpaste at home"