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Non-profit organization for animals: there are many. She, that is "we" because it is called "Noi Animali Onlus", was officially born in April 2007 by a group of people who care about the welfare and protection of animals, in particular dogs and cats. It aims to work in defense of animals and their rights, to raise public awareness and promote a culture of respect that recognizes animals as subjects of rights.

This non-profit organization for animals wants to combat all forms of violence and exploitation on animals and promote all forms of aid and assistance related to victims of problems related to stray dogs and abandonment. Onlus for animals, yes, but also for owners: Noi Animali also helps owners in need of assistance and who cannot always provide for themselves.

1) What are the main activities of your non-profit organization for animals?

Our non-profit organization for animals Needy works in the prevention of stray animals, censuses and sterilizes feline colonies, welcomes cats with handicaps, sick or injured. Furthermore, as a non-profit organization for animals, we promote dog adoptions by saving them from bad kennels or owners who mistreat them, ensuring support for their owners. We Aninali Onlus he hosts at his facility dogs rescued from "bad" situations by treating them and looking for a family for them. We promote how non-profit organization for animals both sterilization and disease prevention interventions, we collaborate with institutions and other associations in cases of maltreatment, abandonment, seizure or loss and much more.

2) How many cities / locations are you in and how many people are actively part of your non-profit organization for animals?

Currently ours non-profit organization for animals is present at Ancona and Milan and counts on the activity of about ten volunteers. "We Animals" like non-profit organization for animals collaborates with other realities of the national territory, intervening especially in the event of particular emergencies, sometimes in collaboration with zoophile guards, local health authorities and law enforcement agencies.

3) What are the actions against stray dogs that you can carry out as a non-profit organization for animals?

The scourge of stray dogs is far from being eradicated, especially in the regions of Southern Italy and hownon-profit organization for animals we consider sterilizations of primary importance. Our fight against stray animals is also developed through educational meetings, prevention campaigns against the most common diseases and advertising campaigns againstabandonment which still affects a very high number of dogs, especially hunters.

4) Summer is coming: what do you expect for dropouts? Are there areas more affected?

The regions where the greatest number of abandoned animals is recorded are those of the south, in particular Puglia, Sicily and Calabria.

5) How does your non-profit organization intervene in cases of abandonment?

When possible, the animals are recovered by means of "relay runners", ie volunteers who travel a stretch of road with their cars each to take them to their destination, or are recovered by us directly at the airport if sent by air.

6) How does your non-profit organization for animals take care of them?

Our non-profit organization for animals runs a "Home" where dogs and cats are treated both physically and psychologically. Dogs have large enclosures with boxes / houses to shelter or sleep and eat twice a day; the cats are divided into three areas, all with gardens and large rooms where the bunks, scratching posts, toys, food and water are always available. Cats with physical handicaps or recovered from the street following accidents or abandonment are welcomed, but also litters of orphaned kittens and still in need of care. When behavior problems arise ours non-profit organization for animals avails itself of the collaboration of a veterinarian behaviorist and an educator.

7) Projects or studies or conferences: do you organize them as non-profit organizations for animals?

To raise awareness among citizens and improve human-animal coexistence, ours non-profit organization for animals periodically organizes training courses for volunteers and education for owners, as well as first aid courses and information banquets. Much more could be done with a greater number of volunteers who are unfortunately difficult to find.

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