How to repot citrus fruits

How to repot citrus fruits

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Therepotting citrus fruitsit must be done when the plants (kumquat, Chinese mandarin, mandarin, grapefruit, orange, lemon, bergamot….) are returning to activity after the winter vegetative rest.

I advise you against proceeding with therepotting citrus fruitsin autumn because the climatic conditions would favor the stagnation of humidity as the new volume of earth would not be immediately reached by the roots as is usually the case with other plants that are repotted in autumn.

The repotting of the kamquat
Among citrus fruits, the kamquat, generally known as Chinese mandarin, is the only one that never goes into complete vegetative rest, so I advise you to repot the kamquat in the two months between April and May. The potted Chinese mandarin and its fruit are shown in the photos below.

How to know when it's time to repot citrus fruits

Having established that the best time to repot citrus fruits falls in spring, I will explain how to understand when the plant needs the repotting.

The test to perform to find out if your plant needs arepottingis simple; first of all, avoid watering for a few days, then, when the soil is completely dry, remove the plant and observe the earth loaves, if this is saturated with roots it will be necessaryrepottingin a container slightly larger than the order of 5 cm.

Therepotting citrus fruits, like that of all other plants, it is performed when the root system is highly developed compared to the volume of soil available.

  • How much bigger should the new pot be?

The vase you will have to choose must be larger in the order of 5 cm.

Instructions on how to repot citrus fruits

  1. Stop irrigating a few days before repotting in order to facilitate the detachment of the earthen bread from the walls of the vase.
  2. Extract the plant from the jar lifting it gently: to lift it also grab the trunk.
  3. If the earthen bread comes away from the compact pot, with a spatula, remove the sternum layer to a thickness of about 5 cm so as to regenerate the earthen bread with new and fresh soil.
  4. Prepare a draining base to avoid the risks of water stagnation. How? In the new pot, place earthenware shards near the drainage hole. Cover the shards with a 2-3 cm layer of expanded clay.
  5. Pour a layer of specific soil into the new pot and add a couple of handfuls of slow release fertilizer (such as Baycote or Osmocote, with a prolonged action lasting about 6 months).
  6. Place the plant in the pot and pour the potting soil into the empty spaces, add more fertilizer and press lightly.
  7. Pour more citrus soil up to the surface of the pot. Remember that you only have to cover up to the collar with soil.
  8. If present, cut the ripest fruits off the plant to avoid too much stress on the plant.
  9. Water and if necessary, after a few days, add more soil.

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