Pug dog: character, origins and breeding

Pug dog: character, origins and breeding

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Pug dog: where it comes from is not yet so clear, but it is certain that it is an animal that is depopulating. Among the VIPs, and among many common 4-legged lovers, it is very widespread and especially those who have it, love to immortalize it in the strangest poses, often. Thus, in addition to having a nice character, it also often has a dedicated book, which only increases the self-esteem already typical of pug dog. But with that face, many would say, how to say no to him?

Pug dog: origin

Said in English Pug, in German Mops, in French Carlin, in Italy the pug dog owes its name to the Italian actor Carlo Bertinazzi who played Harlequin with a black mask on his face very similar to the muzzle of our protagonist. Once upon a time the pug dog he was an aristocrat par excellence, he also kept company with Maria Antonietta is Giuseppina Bonaparte.

In the 19th century it was the favorite dog of Italian ladies, then over the years it has lost a bit of charm in the eyes of our fellow citizens of the time but recently the breed has become very fashionable again, also thanks to famous personalities such as Avril Lavigne, Jessica Alba, Valentino, Andy Warhol. It remains an icon, the pug dog, a toy for many VIPs, to the sound of "selfies" and "paparazzi", but in truth it adapts to anyone, it does not expect a villa with a swimming pool but only lots of attention.

Pug dog: character

The pug dog it is a small-sized companion dog, loving comfort, but playful, balanced and particularly sensitive. Very affectionate with the owner, with strangers he reserves the right to decide, he is often suspicious, sometimes even hostile, in fact it is okay also to guard.

In addition to having great charm, the pug dog he has a lot of dignity and is intelligent, loyal and affectionate. If he were a person, he would be "a serious person", to be trusted hands down. As a child he is restless, but then in general he is a lazy, you can also catch him amusing himself in front of the TV, or sleeping with his head on the pillow, or on a bedspread in his honor, in fact he has a lot of sense of humor and likes to joke and play.

Pug dog characteristics

If thepug dog he has not already conquered you, here are the physical characteristics that make him irresistible for many. They are clear-cut and peculiar, or they like them, or they don't like them at all. As molossoid small size, the pug dog exhibits a height at the withers of 30-33 cm, its ideal weight is about 8 kg, and "wears" a mask that gives it its name, a mask dark which gives it a unique appearance also gives it a very particular expression.

The hair of the pug dog it is smooth and short in color silver, apricot, fawn, black. These are the most common colors but you can also encounter a pug dog white, albino white with pink nose and red eyes, or white for leucism, with a portion of the black mask and brown or blue eyes. There are also brown pugs, or chocolate color and, even more rare, the striped or brindle.

Color or pattern it has, the hair is fine, smooth, sweet, short and shiny, certainly not hard or woolly, the contrast between the color of the coat, the black streak extending from the occiput to the tail - the trace - and the mask is and must be evident. In the face, the pug dog it bears the marks of its own race, from a somewhat mysterious origin: clearly drawn wrinkles that give it sympathy. Also there tail it is particular, high and curled: if it forms two, of curls, it is very appreciated.

Like fellow bulldog, the pug dog, small as it may be, it makes a lot of noise when it breathes: it emits a rattle similar to asthmatic sounds due to the brachycephalic conformation which also gives it breathing problems and intolerance to heat. Another weak point of the pug dog are the eyes: need frequent cleaning, hydration and care because they are subject to frequent irritation or diseases such as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, keratitis and progressive retinal atrophy, which often lead to total or partial blindness of the dog.

The ears of the pug dog they are a point in its favor for aesthetics, they are black and small. There are the so-called "rose ears", folded back, but the pug dog it amazes when it has so-called "button" ears, small and with the lobes folded forward, with the tip towards the eye. If the nose is round and black, the tongue of the pug dog it is often and willingly folded over, also for that form of prognathism that leads this dog to have even his teeth in plain sight. Even crooked and crowded.

Pug dog: health

Although no longer aristocratic, it is not a dog for everyone, because it is not trivial to take care of. He suffers a lot from the heat, in summer his breathing is tiring, and he must be kept to a stick because he tends to gain weight: he is greedy and not ashamed. In the first 2 or 3 years of life, males of the pug dog they are much more hyperactive, from the third onwards they are calmer and more relaxed, like the other molossoids, and this contributes to weighing them down.

A healthy diet, as well as for the figure, is also essential for the state of health which, for the pug dog, it is quite delicate. There is a predisposition to multiple diseases, a trouble breathing, ear infections, food allergies and intolerances, as well as eye problems. Another "drawback" of the pug dog linked to its conformation is that of dermatitis: it is better to clean carefully and frequently the skin folds of the face and eyes.

Pug dog: breeding

It is clear, having said that, and it is not even all, that the pug dog it is demanding and requires careful management. To avoid the avoidable, if I decide to take charge of this beautiful dog, conquered by its funny expressions, it is better to make sure that it has an excellent genealogy: if the pug dog not properly selected can lead to serious health problems.

Yet, to be so often bruised, he has come a long way. The breed - a common opinion but not 100% certain - originates fromAncient China, to the city of Gullin, in the northern part of Canton. There once was a dog there, pug dog, but it did not look like today: it was taller, then it has shrunk over time due to careful selection.

The pug dog it was called "short-nosed", or pafussoidal, and as early as 600 BC. it was so described. Then, always with that face mask, between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries he arrived in Portugal, in Netherlands, in Spain and in England on trade routes, brought as a gift from the East. Its size lends itself perfectly, if you think about it. And so this breed also became popular in Europe, especially in England, starting in 1860, when two pugs arrived. They were, if times an idea for the names, Lamb and Moss, and to give birth to the pug dog English Click. Much 2.0, yes, this pug dog.

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