How to grow dogwood

How to grow dogwood

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The dogwood fruit is a tree grown in gardens also for ornamental purposes. In its spontaneous state we find it in almost all woods, especially in those of the Apennines. Compact shrub of a beautiful intense green in spring, it is filled in summer with many small edible red fruits rich in vitamin C which ripen in September / October; they are suitable for the preparation of jams, fruit juices and drinks as well as for flavoring liqueurs and for preparing some spirits.

Since this plant has always been considered a spontaneous species, it has never been cultivated in specialized plants even if it is used at a family and amateur level for its productive and ornamental qualities.

How to grow dogwood, plant
The dogwood it does not fear the cold or even the high summer temperatures but develops best in a temperate climate. Due to the earliness of its flowering it is sensitive to spring frosts which can burn the flowers and therefore compromise fruiting.
Cultivation can be done both in the plains and in the hills up to an altitude of 1000 meters; as far as the soil is concerned, even if it prefers loose, well-drained, fertile and moderately calcareous ones, the cornilo also adapts to arid and stony soils while it avoids those that are too compact and humid.

The plant can be done in autumn or winter; it is preferable to buy a potted plant in the nursery no higher than 150 cm. As far as planting is concerned, just prepare a nice hole (50 × 50), add 2/3 kg of mature manure to the excavated earth, place the plant in the hole and make sure that the collar does not go below the line countryside (or ground level). Press the earth well around the plant in order to compact it well. Dig a small ring around the plant clod, so that the irrigation water serves the roots and does not disperse.

How to grow dogwood, various indications

  • Watering

In the first year it needs regular watering, but subsequently it resists well even to prolonged drought.

  • Fertilizations

Once at the time of planting, mature manure or if it is not possible to find it, however, we choose slow release fertilizer.

  • Mulch

It is preferable both in winter and in summer to mulch the base of the plant with dry leaves or pine bark.

  • Pruning

The dogwood tolerates any cut well, but if we want to keep it in its natural form it is good to touch it as little as possible and at the end of winter remove only the broken and out of shape branches.

  • Propagation

The simplest thing is to make semi-woody cuttings in June July, taking portions of branches about 10 cm long.

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