How to plant the tomato

How to plant the tomato

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How to plant the tomato: instructions forgrow tomatoes at home(even in winter) or in the garden, respecting the seasonality of this vegetable.

A complete guide that will explain how to sow and how to transplant tomatoes in pots or in the ground. All about the tomato cultivation. The information given here is valid for bothcultivation of tomatoesclassic (heart of beef, cherry, piennolo tomato, datterino, cannellino ...), and for those who want to grow the liveliest black and yellow tomatoes.

Why grow tomatoes in the garden, at home or on the balcony

Grow tomatoes it is the ideal way to have genuine and always fresh food at hand. The first piece of advice we give you is to not buy itomato seeds in department stores and generally do not buyseedspre-packaged because they are often "dated" or imported, better to taketomato seedsbulk, buying them directly from agricultural consortia or from nurseries that have their own production. Not onlysowing, a quicker way to start acultivation of tomatoesconsists in starting from the plant already developed and ready for planting.

It's possiblegrow tomatoes injar or in the open ground. Our guide will be suitable for both types of cultivation. Indeed, thanks tocultivation in potsit is possible to grow tomatoes in winter, indoors or, for those in the south, outdoors, with the help of a small greenhouse.

Grow small or large tomatoes

The first thing to do is to go to the nearest nursery and choose the quality oftomato to grow.If you prefer small and spherical tomatoes, there are varieties:

  • cherry (recommended)
  • suncherry,
  • pepper,
  • chipano,
  • lilliput,
  • datterino (recommended)
  • del piennolo (recommended)

The largest varieties are the tomato of San Pietro (the ripe tomato will weigh between 150 and 200 grams) and the ox heart tomato (each ripe tomato weighs approximately 300 grams).

Those who want to anticipate the harvest can choosetomato plantsprecocious, this is the case of the marmande variety, with its fruit that can reach 200 grams in weight.

How to plant the tomato

-Garden or vase
-Tomato plants of the favorite variety
–Fertilizer for tomatoes

For those who grow in the vegetable garden

Beforegrow tomatoes, whoever grows in the garden will need prepare the ground. Before planting, remove all clods, twigs or debris. The land, for thetomato cultivation must be tender and very soft, for this operation you may need a rake and tools for "move " the earth. Ideally, you should carry out a deep dig by burying fully mature compost in order to improve both the structure and the fertility of the soil.

For those who grow in pots

Choose a pot with a diameter of 30 - 40 cm, you will need a pot for each plant. Alternatively, you can use a planter or large boxes.

How to plant the tomato

If you start from thesowing, bury the seeds superficially on a bed of soft soil. Wait for the germination times and transplant when each plant has reached 10 - 15 cm in height.

If you start from nursery plants, at the time of purchase, choose thetomato plantsmore robust. Once you have bought the tomato plants, or once you have developed vigorous plants from your seeds, all you have to do is operate thetransplantHow to transplant the tomato?

  1. Gently take the tomato seedling with the loaf of soil surrounding the root.
  2. With your index finger (or a broomstick!), Drill a hole in the dirt.
  3. Place the root system of the plant in the hole and make sure that the whole root is covered with soil, pressing the soil surrounding the plant with your hands.
  4. At the end of the transplant irrigate.
  5. A few days after transplanting, when the roots have settled, apply a specific fertilizer for tomatoes.
  6. In case of cultivation in pots, the fertilization will be repeated several times.

When to harvest tomatoes?

Many days will pass from transplant to harvest, the time to wait depends on the variety chosen. ThetomatoYescollectswhen it is ripe, that is, when it will have reached an intense red color (or yellow and black, in the case of the golden or black varieties). To prepare salads, tomatoes can becollectedeven before finishing the maturation.

During the growth of thetomato plant, it is important that the soil is never dry.
Remember to carry out the classic maintenance work to eliminate weeds.
Whether on the balcony or in the garden, choose for thetomato cultivation in a sunny place.

If you have chosen a variety with indeterminate growth (not recommended forgrow tomatoes on the balcony, at home or in pots), when the plant has grown, it may be advisable to add a support brace. You can build a tutor for tomato plants by picking a simple cane that can also often be found thriving on the edges of public roads. Two halves of a "broom stick " joined with double twine.

Grow tomato indoors in winter

Who, inhome, has a very bright room, with a large sunny and airy window, can try their hand at growing tomatoes in pots even in winter.

In my house I have oneSolar greenhousein the space adjacent to the kitchen. This environment, although exposed to the east, receives enough sun because it is composed exclusively of windows. It also features a forced ventilation system for air changes.

Of course, to grow tomatoes at home you don't necessarily need a solar greenhouse, but you will still have to have a non-air-conditioned, sunny (and therefore not cold) room that is not dry and can guarantee air changes.

For the cultivation of black tomato, the availability of seeds and seedlings, I refer you to the page dedicated to this variety: black tomatoes.

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