Introduction to the organic diet

Introduction to the organic diet

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We hear more and more often about organic diet, theorganic dietwhich allows you to lose weight in a healthy and natural way.

The state of nutrition of an individual is the result of a balance between the intake and the need for nutrients. In the Western world, the supply of nutrients far exceeds the needs of our body, so we talk aboutovernutrition.

The importance of the organic diet

To lose weight, many people rely on unbalanced diets: highly restrictive low-calorie diets, high-protein diets, dissociated diets ... organic dietit is proposed as a natural alternative to unbalanced diets.

Thereorganic dietit is opposed to junk food and also to the concept of restrictive weight loss diet. It is possible to follow oneorganic dietmaking healthy food choices; also thereMediterranean dietit can become organic, low-calorie (and therefore slimming) if a few precautions are applied.

Organic products are free of chemical additives. To understand the importance oforganic dietyou have to start from the concept that everything we ingest shapes our body, affects all metabolic activities and our life expectancy. Organic foods are free of toxins and rich in all those natural substances that our body can absorb easily. Thereorganic dietmakes use of the fact that organic foods prevent the deposit of toxins in the body and makes the disposal of those already present faster. This is how the concept oforganic homotoxic diet.

The organic homotoxic diet

Homotoxicology is useful in the treatment of overweight through remedies designed to drain the body's toxins. Toxins in our body accumulate mainly based on what we ingest and foods produced with industrial and intensive processing processes are full of them. Theorganic dietplans to bring to the table only foods produced with natural processes and therefore poor or completely free of toxins. Thereorganic dietprepares the body for good drainage and as the father of homotoxicology, Dr. H.H. Reckeweg, "Good drainage and half of na good therapy ”.

Drainage means activation of tissues or organs with emunctorial activity, that is, capable of expelling toxic factors to the outside. If traditionally, homotoxicology uses drugs capable of activating the liver, kidneys, lungs, blood, skin ... and other tissues through which harmful substances can be expelled, organic diet "Pure and natural"puts all its strength into the raw material we bring to our tables.

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