Goldfish aquarium: which plants to choose

Goldfish aquarium: which plants to choose

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Goldfish aquarium, plants yes or plants no? Or plastic plants? Better to avoid the latter: they seem like the best solution but they will bring you a lot of trouble. They have to be cleaned, they are filled with algae, they must be constantly removed and put back. And is it worth it? No, a aquarium for goldfish with beautiful real plants it's a whole different tank. And life. And just like in life, the little things make the difference. In an aquarium, the small plants and the small choices made about them.

To furnish the space ofaquarium for goldfish with plants, accompanied with stones and woods, if you want, but in moderation, it is first of all necessary to get an idea of ​​the space you want to create. Distribution must be dictated by harmony, ensuring the chemical-physical characteristics of the water that are optimal for those in yours aquarium for goldfish, wallows in it seriously.

In order not to risk an accumulation syndrome, given the small spaces for us accustomed to rooms, balconies and maybe gardens to invade with greenery, it is better to start with a few species of plants in our aquarium for goldfish. Better to choose those fast growing plants, which avoid accumulations of harmful substances and deprive the algae of the nourishment necessary for their growth. Maybe they are also cheap: it is not taken for granted that our alleged green thumb also works underwater. When theaquarium for goldfish it will be stabilized, in 6 months, you can move on to plants with slower development and more pretentious care.

In choosing plants from goldfish aquarium, for a moment let's put ourselves in the shoes of those who live there. So: tall plants near the rear glass and on the side walls, in the center and on the front we leave the medium and low ones. For overcome monotony it is possible to combine plants with leaves of different shapes and colors, even just the shades of green that exist in plants from aquarium for goldfish there are many, even the red ones are varied: you can play with them.

It is important not to be fooled by false aquarium plants. These are species of terrestrial plants, such as Sciadopitys and Pilea cadairei, frequently passed as "aquarium plants for goldfish", While their habitat is that with an alternation between floods and shoals. They must be removed, without mercy: they risk polluting the environment of the tank.

First we understand which plants we want in ours aquarium for goldfish "We can" immediately a paranoia. You are absolutely capable of cultivating them. Of course, not all of them immediately, but there are easy ones that give great satisfaction. So, to work, without falling into the temptation to use plastic ones, if we don't want a aquarium for goldfish that makes them feel in an anonymous anteroom from the office of stressed people. At your side, to support you, there is and will always be a good fertilizer, a bit like Dumbo's feather, okay?

The plants, the real ones (!!!), are very useful in a goldfish aquarium, not only as a refuge, but also as a visual and reassuring barrier for those who prefer to remain reserved or play “I see, I don't see” among the leaves. The greatest utility of plants, without detracting from the privacy needs of our fish, is to maintain the balance of the small "ecosystem", absorbing the waste substances produced by the fish, acting as filter and avoiding that the artificial one gets clogged.

We leave those who prefer plants to fish, things like strange additives, CO2, weird lights and weekly pruning rhythms. Let's focus on easy plants, those that "just put them in the tub and they do everything by themselves". Let's start from the evidence, from floating plants. In a aquarium for goldfish they are very useful as nutrient consumers but tend to shade the underlying plants. The fast and floating plant par excellence, therefore inevitable, is the Ceratophyllum demersum: it uses atmospheric CO2 to grow and does not even need a lot of light. Practical because it is easy to find and grow, it is there Dense Egeria.

Now let's dive into our plants mission aquarium for goldfish and choose submerged. For beginners the Hygrophila polysperma, in all its variants, it is one of the best: it grows well and is quite resistant to attack by algae. More fascinating, however, is the cousin Hygrophila difformis but it is a bit intrusive, as often happens to those who know they are wanted. It grows a lot both in height and in width, it must be carefully “watched”. It does not compete with it, in terms of green "curves", but delicate, green and not difficult to find on the market is the nice Didiplis diandra, with thin leaves but strong character.

There Limnophila sessiliflora it has a phenomenal growth performance - up to 20-30 cm per week - and if it comes out of the water it even blooms. She too must be kept under control, given her exuberance, but she is "immortal" therefore recommended for raise our self-esteem of amateur goldfish aquarium growers. Green thumb for everyone, and up.

Easy and modest in the frequency of the treatments required, there are also the slow growing plants, for patient people. Here: they are not for me, but I will find the patience to at least mention a couple of these species which, at least, do not require frequent pruning. This is their great value, from my point of view. Among the most widespread plants ever in aquariums for goldfish there is the Anubias: large or bonsai, it has a choreographic beauty which however disappears in front of the Bolbitis heudelotii, with the appearance of a fern. But to deserve the name of "Java fern" is another sister plant, always slow: the one called Microsorum pteropus.

Beginners or not, the eye wants its part, and in a aquarium for goldfish can not miss the red plants. The family of althernthera it is very large and includes the most widespread on the market, and with a good dose of iron in the tank it remains luxuriant and… bright red. There rotate it the most beautiful aquarium plants, there are various types of various kinds. There rotala macranda with its beautiful red petal leaves that are difficult to obtain and maintain. Difficult to cultivate even the sister rotala wallichi, which offers fluffy and obviously red bushes, instead the rotala rotundifulia she is very simple to cultivate, she is the "easy sister". Respectfully speaking.

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