Ancient plants in Parva Naturalia

Ancient plants in Parva Naturalia

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Fans of ancient plants can not miss a Parva Naturalia - Modena City of Organic. An unmissable appointment because the event (7-8 March see the program below) is among the most interesting for the essences that once populated orchards and gardens. Ancient plants survived and surviving thanks to the passion of nurserymen and collectors.

Ancient plants it means ancient knowledge and original products. It also and certainly means organic. 'We are what we eat', the philosopher Feuerbach said in the nineteenth century. And it is true. Food is the basis of our life, not only in a physical sense, but also of our cultural world.

Just think of how much of our existence, and that of natural beings on earth, revolves around the theme of food. Which today is at the center of EXPO 2015 with the motto of 'Feeding the planet. Energy for life '. Food as an 'emergency' in the face of the increase in the world population, food as 'not to waste' for a fairer and cleaner world, but also food as part of ourselves.

Ancient plants are the symbol of organic. IS Parva Naturalia - Modena City of Organic was created to promote the excellence of quality organic and organic agriculture, the direct relationship between producer and consumer, protect biodiversity and promote a humanistic approach to food education. Objective: to stimulate in young people especially the interest and pleasures of a lifestyle that is more respectful of nature.

A name and a place. Parva Naturalia is Aristotle's work dedicated to the collaboration between body and soul for the realization of vital functions. Modena is the city that was the capital of the Estense Duchy for four centuries. From these two ingredients it is born Parva Naturalia - Modena City of Organic, event curated by Vitaliano Biondi and Andrea Reggianini for the organization of the Save the Organic Association. With the patronage of the Municipality of Modena.

Farmers, nurserymen, beekeepers and artisans are exhibited in Parva Naturalia alongside collectors and enthusiasts of ancient plants. In a program that makes the two-day party also suitable for children.

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