Headphones for music, not exactly cheap but ...

Headphones for music, not exactly cheap but ...

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If you want some headphones for music DJ quality, in the sense of professional, you don't have to think about spending little. I think so even if, to tell the truth, I don't listen to much music. Maybe because there isn't a lot of music that I really like.

That said, between the headphones for music which guarantee asound experience really realistic (which justifies the not so cheap price) I found these A5-Pro ​​from Philips. Which not by chance are the top of the range of the Philips brand (today WOOX).

What attracted me was the fact that it is a headset designed for use in an active DJ environment, which is exactly the opposite of where I am when I listen to my little music but it is a sign of quality.

Then I liked the genuine (real) leather pads and the over-ear pads that give long-lasting comfort. They are bayonet-mounted and rotate and snap into place with a mechanism similar to a camera lens. Tic-tac: perfect.

Turning to the technique, these headphones for music have a 50mm high definition neodymium driver. Thus they offer high quality low frequency sounds and can handle high power up to 3500mW. This is also not what I really need, but it means they are designed and built to perform at their best. It's not like if you buy a Ferrari (maybe!) Then you only drive it on the track ...

Then I tried them. And here I verified that the reproduction quality and the clarity of sound they are excellent. The listening experience is extremely realistic and I caught the hand of Armin Van Buuren, one of the world's top DJs, who gave Philips advice on how to make these headphones. Unthinkable to use them on the train or in the metropolitan, but at home on the sofa ... what a pleasure!

If you want, you can also find them online. With free shipping considering how much they cost: A5-PRO professional headphones