Eco-friendly Christmas trees!

Eco-friendly Christmas trees!

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Christmas is very close and if you haven't done so yet, IdeeGreen suggests you buy ecological Christmas trees artificial trees saving the life of natural pines!
Here are the models that convince us the most available online in relation to the quality / price ratio.

L'Montezuma ecological Christmas tree, made of synthetic material, measures 180 cm in height and is equipped with 627 branches.

IS' for sale on Amazon at 62.89 Euros. Immediate availability!

Even cheaper is theNew Tiffany Christmas tree, made of synthetic material, with traditional PVC hook branch: it costs only 58.29 Euro.

Very beautiful and with an excellent value for money is also the tree ofKaemingk, Imperial Pine:

- 770 branches

- 137 cm in diameter

- foldable metal base

- hinged branch attachments for easy assembly

- soft branch tips

You can buy it online, at the discounted price of 71.28 Euros with free shipping.

Kaemingk Imperial Pine ecological Christmas tree

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a "desk" Christmas tree or you don't have much space at home, you can go for a synthetic model but with a small wooden base.: 90 cm high and 110 branches for only 7.49 Euro!

Whatever your choice, hurry up to order because we are already late December!

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