How to build a greenhouse for the vegetable garden

How to build a greenhouse for the vegetable garden

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On this page we will seehow to build a greenhouse for the vegetable gardenwhether it is, at the user's choice, large enough to be able to walk inside or more simply as a cover.

The project ofgreenhousethat we propose is on a human scale, we will explainhow to make a tunnel greenhousewhere you can stand comfortably since the proposed measures are:
2 meters wide
5 meters long
2 meters high

These measures can be changed according to your needs by changing the amount of material required. Forbuild a greenhouse for the vegetable garden2 meters wide and 2 meters high, you will need 7 meter long hoses, of course if you need thembuild a greenhouselarger it will be necessary to proportionally increase the dimensions.

How to build a greenhouse for the vegetable garden, what you need

  • 6 flexible hoses 7 meters long
    they will be used to make the arches, also indicated the semi-rigid hydraulic pipes, flexible and resistant
  • 6 rigid pipes 5 meters long, 3 cm in diameter
    they will serve to flank the length of thegreenhouse
  • 1 sheet in transparent polyurethane of about 45 square meters
    the excess parts will be cut
  • 16 stakes of 35-40 cm
    these are camping-type poles, to fix the tent
  • 35 m of marine bungee cord
    any bungee cord that is strong enough and weatherproof is fine
  • 1 pack of studs
  • 1 pack of plastic ties
  • bricks, pebbles, stones….

The work tools you will need are the classics: scissors, hacksaw, mallet, manual studding machine. The manual studing machine can be bought with little money, even online for 10.70 euros including studs: studing machine with eyelets on Amazon.

How to build a greenhouse for the vegetable garden

Theregreenhouseit must be placed in a sunny place, away from trees and the house: the branches and walls could provide shade.

Bend the hoses in an arc and plant them in the ground to a depth of at least 40 cm. The six arches must be about one meter away from each other. To the arches you will have to fix the 6 rigid axes for the entire length, have two on each side of the tunnel and two on the upper part of thegreenhouse. The rigid planks will be fixed with the elastic bands knotted to each arch. At this stage, try to stabilize as much as possiblegreenhouse, both by compacting the ground around the arches, and by fixing the lateral and upper axes as best as possible.

Close to each pair of arches, fix a camping pole and fix 2 more for each short side of thegreenhouse(in practice, set a pole half a meter away from each arch and two poles at the entrance and exit of thetunnel greenhouse).

With pieces of rope, tied the pipes to the posts, this care will protect yourstunnel greenhouseby strong gusts of wind. Each arch must have four anchor points, two on the right side and two on the left.

Once the construction of the skeleton is finished, arrange the tarpaulin symmetrically, it is at this point that you will need the manual studding machine: on each side of thetunnel greenhouse, at about 20-30 cm from the ground and in correspondence of each load-bearing arch, apply 2 studs. With the plastic ties, fasten the sheet to the individual arches, arrange the sheet at the entrance and exit of the tunnel and, to adjust the closing and opening, we recommend placing stones or bricks on it.

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