Greenhouse restaurant: between flowers and plants with taste

Greenhouse restaurant: between flowers and plants with taste

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Greenhouse restaurant. And greenhouse. And herbal medicine. Cape Verde it is a real oasis in the center of Milan where green souls, hungry not only for good food but also for scents, sensations and colors, can find refreshment. The greenhouse restaurant was born to be an informal, welcoming space, surrounded by greenery and it is indeed, it also offers a natural, tasty, varied and even vegetarian and organic cuisine, full of traditional proposals, with a menu specially for celiacs. Once you enter the inner courtyard of the greenhouse restaurant, you can also access the herbalist's shop and its wide selection of cosmetics and health products. And then there is the actual greenhouse, "not just a shop, not an impersonal garden point, but a happy combination of everything that has to do with nature and greenery". Here you can get lost in a forest of plants, flowers and furnishing accessories chosen to convey harmony, warmth and green values.

1) When was your Capoverde greenhouse restaurant born? Immediately with a green cut? Where did the idea of ​​a greenhouse restaurant come from?

Cape Verde takes its first steps on March 9, 1999, as greenhouse restaurant. It was born from the desire to create a space with one common thread: nature. What better than a greenhouse restaurant? The basic desire that guided our realization was to create in Milan a place not only commercial, but also where it was possible to promote “green” initiatives. here is the greenhouse restaurant Cape Verde.

2) Which of the many services currently present in your greenhouse restaurant did you start with?

The shop of plants and flowers which started its business by offering services related to the world of green. From plant rental to office furniture solutions, from the creation and care of gardens and terraces, to the preparation of events and weddings, up to the rental of the same location, today greenhouse restaurant. For the future we would like to include creative workshops among our activities.

3) How big is the nursery and plant space - the greenhouse of the greenhouse restaurant? How many and which plants can be found there?

In Cape Verde, the greenhouse of the rgreenhouse restaurant, a space dedicated solely to plants, flowers and furnishing accessories, is 250 square meters. Inside the shop you can find a wide variety of succulents from a Ligurian grower, Orchids of Lake Maggiore, green and flowering plants of all kinds. Particular attention is given to the daily selection of fresh seasonal flowers. Adjacent to the shop, also close to the greenhouse restaurant, there is also an outdoor area where you can find plants for terraces and gardens, most of which come from growers in our country. In the spring, the courtyard is colored with Rose Meilland and a wide selection of Hydrangea (Hydrangeas) grown in our nursery.

4) What green and eco-sustainable measures applied in managing the greenhouse and the greenhouse restaurant?

In daily work both in the greenhouse and in the greenhouse restaurant, we are particularly careful to limit the waste of plastic materials. We reuse the pots after careful washing, for example, and return the plant packaging to suppliers. We limit the waste of water for plant wetting, moreover, when we replace the water in the cut flower pots, we recover it for watering.

5) For the greenhouse restaurant space, how do you select your offer as ingredients and dishes?

Next to the shop, inside an ancient greenhouse, is the restaurant. The greenhouse restaurant, in fact. The dishes we offer here are aimed at satisfying the different needs of customers. The cuisine is full of traditional proposals, too vegetarian, organic and suitable for celiacs. We only use fresh, seasonal ingredients, mostly from small producers.

6) Speaking of the "Imbrocchiamola" project, it has ended but are you pursuing the idea of ​​offering "imbroccata" water?

Cape Verde in greenhouse restaurant continues to bring AcquaKm2o to the table with the project "We hit it", the initially hesitant clientele now, probably for more information, willingly accepts the proposal.

7) Today you are a lively and hospitable space, you have exhibitions and initiatives planned ... some examples of what to expect in the coming months?

In our space of greenhouse restaurant, as in the other adjacent ones, we are pleased to host humanitarian associations and artists of various kinds. In the past we have organized an exhibition with Marillina Fortuna, an artist who creates works by assembling the "finds" of that everyday life that the sea constantly brings back to our beaches. Last October 26, at the greenhouse restaurant, an exhibition with an aperitif was held for a fundraiser for development projects promoted by the IoMondo Onlus association. Capoverde, being associated with Legambiente, also dedicates an exhibition space to it where it is possible to find all the information on its activities.

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