Nuts, varieties

Nuts, varieties

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ThewotJuglans regiait is one of the oldest plant species on Earth. Its area of ​​origin has not been ascertained with certainty but in all probability it should be China, only later did it spread to India, Iran and Greece, thus reaching all of Europe.

Almost all variety of walnut they are self-fertile and pollination occurs by the wind since this plant does not attract many insects. Who wantsgrow nutscan count on a large number ofvariety, perfect for every plant and productivity need. In the article we will examine thevariety of walnutmore widespread so as to better orientate when starting a new onecultivation.

Nuts, varieties

  • Variety Noci Sorrento

There variety of Sorrento nuts it is the most traditional in Italy, widespread especially in the Campania region (that's whySorrento), has good productivity and consistency. Ripening and harvesting are intermediate and fall in the third ten days of September.

The fruit is oval in shape, slightly pointed and with an average weight of 12 grams. The shell is light brown, slightly wrinkled while the kernel is light ocher, very tender and crunchy and not very oily (it is easily preserved). This variety is recommended for walnut crops in central-southern areas and in sunny environments but not where there is a risk of late frosts as the flowering is medium-early and the spring cold could compromise the harvest.

  • Variety Noci Lara

TheLara nutsI am of French origin. The plant is of medium vigor and has an upright habit. Leaf release, flowering and ripening are late, so the plant lends itself tocropsin the Center North and in the mountainous areas of the South.

Productivity is good and thenutsthey are harvested in the second ten days of October. Compared tovariety of NutsSorrento, the Lara ones, have a rounder fruit, a rougher shell and easier to break. The kernel is light brown.

  • Variety Noci Fraquette

Again we are talking about onevariety of nutsof French origin. Here the posture is semi-erect with low vigor. The release of the leaves and flowering are late and like the Lara variety, it is harvested in the second decade of October. Her cultivation it is recommended in the colder areas of the North. The fruit has a more elongated shape and has an average weight of 11-13 grams.

  • Other varieties of nuts

As stated, there are really numerousvariety of nuts, there are alsoItalian varietiesmore or less widespread premises. In Campania, in addition to theSorrento varietythevariety of nutsMalizia and Cervinara, perfect for growing in southern Italy. Bleggiana clones are grown in Trentino, Feltrina variety in Piedmont.

While returning to talk about theFrench varietiesthere are Porisienne, Mayette, Corne, Mabot walnuts… in Italy it is widespreadcultivationofnutsCalifornian but only in areas with a mild winter climate, let's talk aboutvariety of nutsHartley, Chandler, Payene, Serr, Theama, Howard and Eureka.

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