ADSL speed-test: how important is it to check speed

ADSL speed-test: how important is it to check speed

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The ADSL speed-test serves to check if you are paying for one ADSL from 20 Megabit and maybe you find yourself with one connection speed which is just higher than or equal to the minimum guaranteed bandwidth imposed by Agcom: 2.1 Mbps for offers ADSL with nominal speed of 7 Mega, 7.2 Mbps for nominal connection at 20 Mega.

With the speedometer, which is the tool of the speed-test for measuring the ADSL speed, in short, you can avoid paying for a service that you do not use. But the real question is: how is that possible? If I buy something, can I expect to get it as promised or not? The answer in Italy is: it depends.

The obstacle is called the digital divide, that is, the phenomenon that draws a patchy Italy on the front of the Internet connection. The investments in infrastructures of many operators and Internet providers (see that of Vodafone worth 3.6 billion euros in three years) bode well for a greater diffusion of broadband in the country, even outside the large population centers, but not it's a secret that often the actual speed of connections is far from optimal.

Many international reports (such as that of the World Economic Forum) have repeatedly stressed the poor quality of ADSL connections in Italy. A delay that is being tried to overcome with even massive interventions in many municipalities, but which still costs the country a lot in terms of competitiveness, attractiveness for businesses, ease of access to modern services such as telepresence or it ultra high definition streaming.

Digital splits apart, if it is easy to understand how two different types of subscriptions (e.g. ADSL or optic fiber, or again Satellite Internet or mobile) give rise to different performances, it is less intuitive to accept how even two users with the same subscription can find great differences in connection speed.

The reasons why one ADSL may be less performing in one area than another are various: from the time of day in which you connect to the particularities of the geographical area in which you are located (especially in mountainous areas or poorly served by telephone lines), not to talk about the actual cabling, the technologies used, your hardware configuration. Hence the importance of ADSL speed-test.

Thanks to rate comparator it is possible not only to compare the various operators in search of the best ADSL offers, understood as the most suitable for your profile, but also to discover, thanks to the ADSL speed-test, the actual speed of your current provider and which are the fastest connections in your municipality.

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