Noises in the condominium: what to do?

Noises in the condominium: what to do?

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THE noises in the condominium they worsen people's quality of life because, in addition to disturbing, they cause quarrels with neighbors and often legal battles that cost stress and a lot of money. But what to do when you have this problem?

The first piece of advice, obvious but not always practiced, is to prevent the problem. If you are buying home in condominium make sure of two things: that they are not in the immediate vicinity noisy activities (even in the evening) and that the building was built respecting the Passive Acoustic Requirements of the buildings foreseen by the Dpcm 5.12.1997. In our article Acoustic impact and noise disturbance: how to prevent you will find the details.

Ditto if you are about to buy an apartment in a building under construction: make sure that the builder implements solutions for soundproofing suitable for guaranteeing compliance with the Dpcm and require a written declaration to that effect. Some call it acoustic certificate of the building, but it is not a statutory document. It is simply a statement that on the one hand puts the buyer at ease and on the other protects the builder and seller from the risk of litigation. Obviously, the 'certificate' must be truthful and therefore supported by sound level checks carried out on site. The laboratory data of the soundproofing materials they are not sufficient because they do not take into account any construction defects that may occur during the construction phase.

The above applies to i noises in the condominium which depend on the scarce acoustic quality of the building (including technological systems such as lifts, autoclaves or air conditioners) which see the manufacturer and the seller as the counterpart. But what if the disturbing noises are caused by the neighbor or by the presence of noisy activities such as bars and discos?

In this case the advice can only go in the direction of dialogue and good education, hopefully on the part of both parties involved. It is worth asking whether it is appropriate to ask the Supreme Court to intervene (as it really happened) to decide whether it is right to keep the stereo at high volume or even (this also happened) if the behavior of children who play at home is punishable. fall a few chairs. Lawyers and court cases cost, it's worth it. Perhaps it is better to talk to each other and find a compromise solution that is acceptable to both.

Other remedies against i noises in the condominium there are none, except for the intervention on the windows if the noises come from outside. It should be borne in mind that when a building is built without adequate soundproofing (from footfall noise, from airborne noises or from those caused by the systems) any subsequent soundproofing intervention gives poor results, except in the case of a noisy system replaced with a more silent one.

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