Growing garlic, practical advice

How to grow garlic: practical advice tocultivation of garlic. When planting garlic based on the Moon and cultural care.

All practical tips for growing garlic in pots, at home, on the balcony or in the garden. From the best time to plant the bulbils, to the most suitable variety for the climatic zone.

Grow garlic it's very simple. To start you can buy the bulbils ofgarlicin the nursery, or start thecultivationwith those bought for culinary use. If you want to grow garlic starting from that for food use, go for itorganic garlicand untreated.

Garlic, variety

Thevariety of garlicthey are distinguished based on the color of the tunic, that is the film that covers each segment.

White garlic

In Italy they are widespreadvariety of white garlictypical of different geographical areas. In fact, we speak of white garlic from Caraglio, white garlic from Piacenza, white garlic from Polesano and white garlic from Naples. White garlic typically has a strong flavor.

Pink garlic

Pink garlic has a less strong flavor. Its sowing and planting goes up to the month of February or March in the north. In particular, the garlic of Vessalico has a red-purple tunic. In the South, those who sow between October and November harvest in early summer.

Red garlic

Very popular is theSulmona red garlic which affects domestic crops but also income. Also noteworthy is the red garlic from Nubia and the red garlic from Maremma.

Black garlic

Warning! That ofblack garlicit is not a variety. Black garlic is obtained through the fermentation processes of white garlic. For all information, please read the page: black garlic.

Can garlic be grown starting from that bought at the supermarket?

As anticipated in the introduction, it is possible to start thecultivation of garlicstarting from the bulb purchased for use in the kitchen. It would be better if it were organic garlicor otherwise not treated. Otherwise, you would risk making your attempts in vain: often thegarlic"Kitchen", undergoes a treatment designed to slow down or completely prevent germination.

Sometimes, garlic forgotten in home kitchens can sprout green shoots ... this garlic is perfect for planting in a vase.

Several cloves will be obtained from a garlic bulb. To be clear, the wedges that make up thegarlic they are called bulbils.

Planting of garlic

The cloves should always be planted with the tip upwards and at a depth of 3-5 cm. They must be spaced about 10-15 cm apart and in rows 25-40 cm apart.

Garlic, harvesting and advice

When to harvest garlic? To understand when harvest time has come, just look at the leaves. The garlic should be harvested when the leaves are completely dry, just grubbing up the plant and letting it dry outdoors for a week.

When to grow garlic

The best time to grow garlic runs from November to March based on the climatic zone of interest.

- Those who live in southern Italy, in an area with a mild climate, can bury the cloves in the autumn period.

- Those who live in the north of Italy, in a colder climate area, can proceed to bury the cloves in the spring.

Advice on the cultivation of garlic

  • Grow garlicstarting from the cloves purchased in the nursery or from those bought for the kitchen, as long as it isgarlicUntreated.
  • Choose the variety according to your climatic zone.
  • Before planting the bulbils, gently shell them from the "head of the garlic" (bulb).

Garlic cultivation cycle
Those who live in a temperate climate zone canplanting garlic in the fall, leave it in the ground during the winter and collect it at the end of the following summer.

  • The cloves should always be planted with the tip upwards and at a depth of 3-5 cm.
  • L'garliccan be grown in bags, pots or boxes. The container must be placed in a sunny position.
  • Make sure the soil is well drained.
  • Never let garlic bloom: cut the flower stems as soon as the bud comes out.
  • Well preserved garlic can be kept for 6-7 months.

Growing garlic in pots

Therecultivation of garlic in pots it is easy to apply. The advice seen above is valid but you will have to pay more attention to irrigation.

Generally, garlic should be irrigated 2 times a week. Those who grow garlic in pots must be careful that the soil does not dry out prematurely. Choose very deep vessels and respect the distances seen above.

If grown at home, it will be even more necessary to pay attention to irrigations that must not take place with excessively calcareous water. Remember that potted garlic needs a sunny position.

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