Go Slow rewards soft mobility

Go Slow rewards soft mobility

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At the contest Go Slow public administrations and landscape architecture firms that have built, are carrying out or are planning interventions of gentle mobility on the Italian territory aimed at the creation, but also at the recovery and enhancement, of greenways, historic communication routes, ancient railways and anything else that falls within the concept of soft mobility.

The Go Slow International Competition is an initiative of Comfortable., the Sweet Mobility Confederation which also organizes the Day of the Forgotten Railways, and the Cultural Association Go Slow Social Club, and it is the only Italian recognition addressed to PA and designers engaged in the enhancement of the territory for the development of eco-friendly tourism.

The Go Slow competition for the gentle mobility it includes four categories: the first is reserved for completed projects, the second for those under construction, the third for feasibility studies and the fourth for projects that have actually been realized starting from feasibility studies.

What kind of projects? Go Slow rewards greenways, recovered historic communication routes, the recovery of disused railways, the master plans of gentle mobility, the municipal and inter-municipal green itineraries, and the plans for gentle mobility and sustainable for public parks.

The evaluation will be made by a jury composed of the presidency and 3 members of the Co.Mo.Do. and by professionals from environmental associations that adhere to the Co.Mo.Do.

When and how? The presentation of the candidatures is open from April 1st 2014 and continues until 31 July 2014, with a mandatory expiry date. The Award Ceremony, on the other hand, is scheduled for after mid-September, at a headquarters of the Confederation of Sweet Mobility that has not yet been decided, and will be communicated via the Web by Co.Mo.Do. and Go Slow Social Club.

How do you apply? Projects must be sent by email to [email protected]

The paper documents must be sent here: Go Slow Social Club Association, via Volturno 80 Condominio Meridiana - 20861 Brugherio (MB).

IdeeGreen is partner of Co.Mo.Do. on the National Day of Forgotten Railways

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