How to renovate your home

How to renovate your home

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How to renovate your home: strategies to renovate the house by shipping little and using DIY techniques. From the living room to the kitchen, here's how to change style with little money.

Today we will see how to renovate your home taking advantage of some strategies do-it-yourselfor easy to apply. Why move house when it is enough to make the right interventions? Faced with new needs, it is possible renovate house so as to re-evaluate each environment without having to change address.

How to renovate your home, the recovery of spaces

Attics, attics and basements are often unused spaces. For renovate house more intelligent space management can be implemented. In the absence of unused spaces, take an observational overview: there is always a piece of furniture, a wardrobe or a table that is too cluttered. In the most extreme cases, an extension intervention can be implemented starting with the recovery of the attic, too often devalued since the first settlement. Remember that all interventions ofrenovationare eligible for tax deductions.

Lto light, windows and energy saving

It can renovate the house acting on aesthetics and at the same time on functionality and living comfort. It is incredible how light conditions can affect the living well-being of an environment. In the attic you can benefit from the light that comes from above by installing roof windows. This is the zenith light, a light less influenced by the orientation of the room and which illuminates the environment in depth, increasing its comfort.

In terms of brightness, any environment could benefit from skylightsor real roof windows so as to activate the chimney effect. The windows on the façade, combined with the windows for roofs placed in the same room, activate the chimney effect, excellent for saving on air conditioning: the warm air, lighter, comes out of the roof windows, drawing fresh air from the 'external. In addition to the "climate" savings, there will be substantial savings on the electricity bill due to the lower spending on lighting: by exploiting natural light, even in winter, when the days get shorter, it will be possible to save on artificial lighting thanks to the zenith.

By re-evaluating the fixtures it will be possible to increase the energy efficiency of the home. No radical interventions are necessary, a small improvement could be tangible already by equipping the roof windows with roller shutters or external curtains, in this way it is possible to isolate the room from heat in summer and cold in winter.

DIY home renovation, floors

Until recently, when it was neededrenovate the floors of the houseit was necessary to destroy the pre-existing ones. Today it is possible to count on different solutions that must be applied to pre-existing floors and all can take advantage of thedo-it-yourself. In particular we have:

  • Floating floors
    The installation is dry and interlocking. You have floating parquet, bamboo, fake parquet, laminate strips ...
  • Self-adhesive floors
    The installation is very simple, it is an innovative material that uses waterproof plastic polymers. The effect can be very natural because self-adhesive floors can perfectly imitate the grain of wood as well as marble or porcelain stoneware. For all the info: self-adhesive floors.
  • Carpet
    Do-it-yourself carpet installation is very simple. For all the info: how to lay the carpet.
  • Self-leveling floor and resins
    Very suitable especially forrenovate an old house, in the case of balconies and terraces in poor condition. For all the info: self-leveling floor.

Living room, kitchen and bathroom cladding

The same material described for self-adhesive floors can be used for wall coverings. To get an idea of ​​what we are talking about, take a look at the photo gallery proposed on Amazon for the modern vinyl covering, suitable for the living room as well as for the bedroom or bathroom. For the photos:Faux stone covering.The effect is the one visible in the photo below.

Renovate the house, the bathroom

If your bathroom does not have a heating system, you can consider installing a wall-mounted radiator. In addition to heating the bathroom, the towel warmers can help you furnish with style. For all information, I refer you to the page:heat the bathroom without radiators.

You can change the taps by installing waterfall shower heads or taps capable of emitting plays of light. These interventions do not require the manpower of a plumber and are not very expensive. On Amazon, a waterfall faucet with play of light can be bought for less than 50 euros.

If your bathroom is small and you want to invest some pennies, make the toilet disappear by choosing a box to insert into the wall. Bidets and toilets suspended in the wall can make the difference, as can a space-saving vanity unit. These are useful strategies for maximizing space in the bathroom. If the bathroom has no windows, consider installing a ventilation system (which with DIY will cost you between 50 and 150 euros, depending on the technology chosen) and dedicated one wall to accommodate a large mirror. The bathroom will appear brighter, larger and undoubtedly more functional.

Home refurbishing,incentives and tax deductions also for do-it-yourself

There renovation can be approached more lightly thanks to tax incentives that provide for deductions of 50 percent on all costs incurred for the intervention.

When the work of renovation have brought about an improvement in the energy efficiency of the home, the tax deductions rise to 65 percent (this provision was valid only until 31 December 2016). From 2017 to 2018, all renovations, even those that improve the building's energy efficiency, can access a maximum tax relief of 50 percent.

It is not necessary to go to a specialized firm, even the works ofhome renovation do it yourselfare eligible for tax deductions. In case ofDIY renovation and renovation, it is possible to deduct only the purchased materials and not the labor.

The intervention of a company or a specialized technician is required only when the work ofhome renovation do it yourselfinvolves the reconstruction of the plumbing or electrical system. In this case, the declaration of conformity issued by a qualified technician will be required. For example, if you have decided torenovate the bathroomwith thedo-it-yourself and this intervention will modify the hydraulic system, it will be necessary to contact a technician who will draw up the certificate of conformity to ensure the safety of your system.

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