How to save energy with appliances

How to save energy with appliances

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How to save energy with appliances: vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, oven, washing machine… tips for achieving good electricity savings by consciously using household appliances.

Lately we have been focusing our attention on how to reduce electricity consumption absorbed by the most common household appliances.

Refrigerator, washing machine, oven, vacuum cleaner ... by now we are used to consulting the energy label when making new purchases, but what about the appliances we already have at home?

It should be remembered that the overall electricity consumption of a home does not depend solely on the efficiency of the appliance but also on the use we make of it.

In addition, in the house, there are small appliances such as iron, hairdryer, razor, vacuum cleaner, blender, toaster ... which are used with a certain superficiality, ignoring factors such as stand by and actual uses.

The domestic appliances, if not used wisely, they risk weighing on bill consistently. That's why we will see todayhow to save energy with appliancesto have less expensive electricity bills! Below you will find several indications on the virtuous behaviors to adopt for save electricity with different appliances.

Saving electricity with a vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner has a very high electrical power (from 1100 to more than 2000 watts). Unfortunately, there is the mistaken belief that its electrical power corresponds to its suction capacity.
This is not true: the suction capacity depends above all on the brushes, the suction tube, the filter system, etc. Therefore, at the time of purchase, read not only the value of the electrical power (expressed in watts) but also that of the suction capacity (in KPa, ie kilo Pascal) on the package.

Advice? Read the energy label of the vacuum cleaner and reflect not only on its consumption but above all on the suction capacity or power. Use the vacuum cleaner only when necessary, then set it to minimum power. Also replace the filters regularly, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Saving electricity with an iron

Even the iron is no less in terms of electrical power; from 1000 watts up to 2600 watts for models with instant steam generation! Therefore, use it only for the time necessary: ​​it is often left unnecessarily on while you are folding clothes, making a mending or re-attaching a button.

Advice? If you hang out the washed clothes following some precautions, they will certainly be less wrinkled! Spread out skirts and trousers, hanging them around the waist; t-shirts and sweaters instead upside down; the shirts on a hanger.

If you need to change the washing machine, choose a model with the "steam" function, able to return non-wrinkled garments!

Save electricity with a hairdryer

Even the hair dryer has a fairly high power that reaches 1800-2000 watts and sometimes even 2300 watts. Did you know that by using a hairdryer at such high power, you risk damaging your hair? Therefore moderate use and set it to low power and temperature.

Useful recommendation: there is a general rule that applies to any type of appliance. If you have activated a two-hour tariff contract with your electricity supplier, use the small appliances at the most convenient time slots… In short, shampoo in the evening!

Good family habits to save electricity

You pay attention to electricity consumption in the house, but how are the other members of the family doing? Have a small family meeting to analyze consumption together.

In fact, for save electricity with household appliances, the first thing to do is an analysis of the situation. Call together the members of your family and make sure that everyone in the house is aware of the importance of energy saving.

Take the last one electricity billand analyze the consumption in terms of kW. How was it possible to reach that expense? It is important to make one family reunion. Communication in the home is poor and a meeting could be a good strategy to talk and work on habits that are easy to change. These habits will enable the bill to shrink and the world to save itself. What are the habits to rectify? The appliances that consume the most are air conditioners and stoves. Let's see in detail how to save electricity with these two devices.

Saving electricity on the stove and air conditioning

  1. Close doors and windows.
    If theair is stale, instead of leaving drafts, keep the window open for just 2 minutes, this will allow a total change of air. If air quality is a problem, consider the idea of ​​installing internal systems or filters.
  2. Give yourself a thermostat.
    Lowering your home temperature by a degree or two won't change your life but can significantly reduce your bill. The thermostat can be an original gift idea, perfect for those who love technology or philosophy Apple.
  3. Cover up.
    Increase the heating when are you wearing only a microfiber shirt? This is really a bad habit! Put on an organic wool sweater and lower the temperature by a handful of degrees, the wallet will thank you!

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