The largest solar plant in the world has been inaugurated!

The largest solar plant in the world has been inaugurated!

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The largest solar plant in the world has been operational since yesterday in the Mojave Desert, on the border between Nevada and California, and one of the three owners (BesidesNRG Energy is BrightSource Energy) is Google!

The new plant, called "Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System" took years to design, build and test but will now be able to generate 30% of all solar energy produced in the United States!

L'largest solar plant in the world it covers an area of ​​over 8 square kilometers and is able to meet the energy needs of 140,000 private users located nearby. Nonetheless, there has been some controversy, such as the one triggered by a group of environmentalists who accused the plant of "incinerating" the birds that fly over the area, between the mirrors and the three robotic towers on which the sun's rays are reflected .

The new Ivanpah solar plant will help reduce 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, equivalent to those emitted by 72,000 cars.

The operation is based on the concentration of the sun's rays on three towers that contain water reservoirs which in this way are transformed into steam, powering powerful turbines that produce clean energy.

Here are two more images of the largest solar plant in the world: Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System with300,000 mirrors is three robotic towers, almost 50 meters high, a diagram of the operation and the map that identifies the place where it was built.

Ivanpah seen from the sky

Ivanpah in the rays of the sun

How the largest solar plant in the world works

The map of the place where Ivanpah stands

Ivanpah, however, will be overtaken in just over a year by another impressive solar park: theAntelope Valley Solar Project.

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