Car bike holder

Car bike holder

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Those who intend to transport the bicycle with their own car need a special onesupport. The solutions forcarry a bike with the carthey are basically four; the simplest is to put thebikedirectly in the passenger compartment of the car but this is only possible when it comes to particularly large crossover or SUVs. The other three solutions for thebike transport with carrequire the assembly of specialsupports,these can be placed on the hood, on the roof of the car or anchored to the tow hook.

THEsupportsto be mounted on the car roof are the cheapest but also the most uncomfortable ones. More expensive are the supportsthat hook onto the rear trunk or tow hook. Those who drive an off-road vehicle or a jeep with the classic spare wheel on the back, must not give up thebike transport: they exist on the marketbicycle rackthat can perfectly coexist with the spare wheel. Those who drive a low car or even a sports car cancarry bikesexploiting thesupportsborn for the tow hook.

The most famous in the sector are those with the Thule brand, it isbicycle standsvery robust, easy to assemble and above all that allow good accessibility to the rear trunk as they are equipped with a rotary mechanism that moves the dimensions of thebikewithout the need to disassemble them. With systems of this kind, up to four can be transported in complete safetybicycleswithout compromising the stability of the vehicle.


The price ofsupports for transporting bikesvary, as already mentioned, according to the method of attachment: the cheapest is the one that goes on the roof, followed by the rear trunk hook while the most expensive, in general, seems to be thesupportwhich is mounted on the tow hook. Those who do not own a towbar will have to resign themselves to facing a rather substantial expense: the towbars marketed by vehicle manufacturers (Opel, Peugeot, Citroen ...) are quite expensive, the situation changes if you buy a product "compatible with ...", that is manufactured by third parties for the vehicle we drive; in this case the tow hooks cost less than 200 euros (for example, a tow hook for Peugeot 207 costs around 90 euros). To the expense of the tow hook must be added that of support,here the price varies according to the load capacity: if you rely on the top of the range (the Thule brand) and only have to transport two bicycles, the cost will be around 300 euros, a sum to be added to the expense for the purchase of the tow hook.

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