Here's how to decorate your home by recycling!

Here's how to decorate your home by recycling!

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You are on the hunt forideas for furnishinghouse with therecyclingof different materials? What do you think of using the old skateboard to make a shelf for objects? Again, a line of seats can be created with old car tires! L'furnitureit's a matter of taste and therecyclingof creativity! If you have good taste and creativity is not lacking, here are somefurnishing ideaswith the use of recycled material!

The Pallets
Pallets are a lover's paradiserecyclingand DIY. These standard-sized footboards can become anything from deck tables, to chairs, vertical gardens, shelves and bookcases! There are those who have managed to create an entire house with pallets, those who limit themselves to furniture and those who love to dare! The vertical garden is a creative way to cultivate the vegetable garden in very small spaces. Thanks to the use of pallets, you can build a vertical garden suitable forfurnitureof home and garden. On this page you will find instructions for use.

The Tires
If you still keep old tires in the garage, it is time to create a work byfurniturecreative! Therecyclingof tires can give life to a large variety of objects. With a few simple elements you can use a tire to create a comfortable pouf or an entire line of seats. On this page there are instructions for making a pouf. The tires become beautiful flower boxes and again, if you have a large tire (tire from a van or truck), you can set up a small garden pond, complementary tofurnitureof great impact for green spaces.

To recycleit meansgear up, explore, understand, study and work to give new life to an object, even soft drink cans can be used for to furnish home. The opportunities for creativity are not limited to growing in "special containers". Many gardeners find ways to reuse any waste material, from pipes to broken glass and old CDs. Sure, it's easy to imagine a bathtub or sink turning into a planter, but a floor made from bottoms of bottles? Old windows become small greenhouses as well asrecyclingyogurt pots can be used to make traps to catch parasitic insects that destroy the vegetable garden. Jars, boxes, recycled jars ... everything can be used forfurnituredomestic. The furniture examples that are easiest to obtain using therecyclingconsist of making vases using DIY works: all ideas can be seen in the our photo gallery.