Fruit tree, instructions for planting

Fruit tree, instructions for planting

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Enjoying the fruits that nature reserves for us in your garden is priceless. Fruit is no longer what it once was, pesticides are now invading our tables. The only way to enjoy fruit in a genuine and healthy way is to grow it with your own hands. Of course there is organic fruit but it costs! If you have a small arable area, it might be a good idea to grow some fruit trees. Here's how to plant a fruit tree following all the indications.

How to plant a fruit tree, the period
The best time to plant a fruit tree it is autumn, taking advantage of the winter humidity to root well and grow vigorously in spring: the loose earth will gradually compact in the following months.

How to plant a fruit tree, the location
You already have clear ideas on where to place yours fruit tree? You will have to evaluate the hours of sunshine and the space it will need when it grows, without forgetting that in the summer it could raise the sun to the vegetables below. If your idea is to create an orchard, you will have to place the largest plants in the south-east and the smaller ones in the north-west.

How to plant a fruit tree, the procedure

  1. Dig a hole 60 by 60 cm wide and 60 cm deep, a few days before planting the fruit tree
  2. Lay pebbles and stones on the bottom, forming a layer of 10 centimeters: necessary in clayey soils
  3. Add mature manure to the sides and bottom, preferably mixed with vegetable compost and wood ash.
  4. Now the hole is ready to welcome thefruit tree
  5. Place the tree, without its pot, inside the hole and fill it with soft soil, compressing it slowly to avoid areas of air remaining between one clod and another: it could cause the roots to rot.
  6. Make sure you cover the roots well without burying the plant too much in the ground: the roots must be well covered, but the stem must not be too buried
  7. Place a stake next to the tree, that is a pole to support it during the early stages of growth and prevent it from growing crooked.

Useful information: if at the time of purchase, the plant is not in the pot but has a bare root, you must check that the root system does not have any dead parts, in which case you must remove them. If during the trip you think that the tree has suffered, place it in a bucket full of water and mud, leaving it to soak for about twelve hours.

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