Respect the Earth: the message from Bergamo to Europe

Respect the Earth: the message from Bergamo to Europe

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A 1300 km caravan, up to Spain, because "If it is true that we love our children, we have no other option but to build a world of respect for others and for Mother Earth". This is the spirit of "Spirit of the planet" that from 24 May organizes in Chiuduno (Bg) an International Festival of tribal and indigenous groups from all over the world. As he explains Ivano Carcano, one of the organizers, "someone will look at us amazed, some suspicious, but some will understand that the Earth must be respected, this is our message ”.

1) When was the festival “The spirit of the planet” born?

It was born in 2000 and the next edition, from May 24 to June 9, will be an opportunity to meet the world just a stone's throw from home, sitting in front of an American Indian, to the left of an aboriginal, to the right of a Pygmy and an Aztec. These are people who still live in the tradition handed down for thousands of years from father to son, having to fight against those who can't wait to cancel them because land where they live is a source of natural wealth. Their wisdom can lead us to think about where we want to go and where we come from, and above all what we want to leave to our children, since every day we say we love them.

2) How did you find out about "The circulus of the elderly"?

In September 2012 we were invited to participate in Brazil, in the 7th Circle of the Wise Elders indigenous of the planet, one of the initiatives that are being born more and more often or continue on the path of awareness save mother earth and in teaching respect for indigenous peoples. From this meeting was born the reflection that, if the word of one man can be a whisper, the voice of many can become deafening. The teaching of these elders is essential to bring us back into our balance with nature and with others.

3) What are the new features of the festival this year?

In this edition of the festival, in addition to meetings on traditional medicine, dances, culture and thematic in-depth courses, there is the "trip" to Spain, to the capital of the Basque Country (Vitoria). These are 6 days of Festival that make us proud as volunteers as we are: we want to contribute to change, for the good of their children and the new generations. And then they are also proud as people from Bergamo, very often pointed to with inaccurate stereotypes, as "closed" people: instead we are exporting an initiative that mixes culture and solidarity. Many countries are asking us to bring this testimony to them and this is a wonderful news for us.

4) How is the caravan composed and what route will it take?

The caravan will consist of about 15 vehicles including campers, minibuses and cars, possibly the most respectful of the environment, and about 60 people, who will alternate during the march, hosted during the nights by makeshift structures in the various countries , consuming food at zero km. The route starts from Bergamo and reaches Spain, thus joining the city where there will be the cane of the wise elders, Bergamo, with Vitoria, in Spain, the place that will host the 8th Circulo in September. We thought that a sacrifice like that of traveling 1300 km with this stick and handing it to our Spanish friends could be very symbolic and effective. We will also pass by France and to be precise in Toulouse, and then also reach Pamplona, ​​where there are ancient ceremonial centers.

5) Will some products of the Bergamo area be distributed among the participants? How and for what purpose?

The identity of each people and its knowledge are a wealth, a form of confrontation that enriches both those who propose it and those who receive it. The bond with the earthwas the starting point of every people in the past and to offer the fruits of one's land to another people is to present oneself for what one is. Our land is rich in products, which fortunately are being rediscovered: in every city where we will be hosted, we will offer the products that our farmers collect. It is a way like any other to work and ensure that respect for the identities of peoples and the fruits of the earth is rediscovered as an essential value for survival.

6) How is it possible to participate in the festival and with what commitment?

Before participating in the festival or the march physically, you must participate with your mind and heart, ready to enter a dimension to which we are no longer used. It is necessary to go back to using our senses: listening, looking, smelling what will be there. At that point, having done this, you are already participating in the change which must first of all be personal. Then you can return to being one with nature and with others. So you can start participating in the spirit of the festival right now, on a daily basis, and then share all this every year with others at the Chiuduno appointment.

7) What reactions do you expect from ordinary citizens to see the caravan?

We expect all kinds of reactions on our journey to Spain: surely there will be amazement but others, less sensitive or no longer used to listening or thinking, will only waste us time, or will think of us belonging to who knows what religious sect. The important thing is that you begin to make your contribution to make things change, you begin to think that every human being of any culture, religion, place on earth must be respected, and that mother earth should not be more just to be exploited but to be treated WITH RESPECT.

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