Eco-friendly weddings

Eco-friendly weddings

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Eco-friendly weddings: information for those who dream of an eco-sustainable wedding. Environmental sustainability is an ever-green to celebrate the wedding.

In the European Union alone, two million are celebrated every year weddings. Although the number of weddings is declining, traditions stand the test of time. Like any other business, i weddings follow the new trends. What could be more fashionable than a environmentally friendly wedding? If you are looking for a theme for your wedding, thesustainability is the right key.

Eco-sustainable wedding in Italy

If in Italy i eco-friendly weddings slow to arrive, in Great Britain an increasing number of young couples decide to get married in a way ecofriendly. In the organization of a marriage, every little detail can have an impact on the environment. THE eco-friendly weddings they are good for the environment but above all they support the local economy.

Example of an eco-sustainable wedding

Kate and Gareth got married in spring and tell Euronews that the first step they took was choosing local producers to support the local trade. Even the wedding cake was prepared by a lady who prefers to work on her own. For the favors, the couple favored fair trade but even in this case they could have relied on small local artisans.

How much does an eco-sustainable wedding cost

At the base of the eco-friendly weddings there are responsible choices and commitment. THE eco-friendly weddings they are trendy even if they have a considerable cost if you do not rely on DIY.

Between organic menus, zero kilometer menus, ethical favors, decorations, place cards…. you risk spending too much. In general i weddings they are expensive, think a little if you intend to bring recycled paper and certified products to the table.

Costs can be drastically reduced if you organize everything yourself. It takes commitment and a good dose of organizational skills but in this way the green wedding it will be tailor-made for spouses, economical, virtuous, genuine and environmentally friendly. To organize by itself the sustainable marriage could be the ideal solution to reduce costs and above all adopt a themethat is 100% personalized.

How to organize an eco-friendly wedding?

Find the location. Even if it is a restaurant, offer to supply the raw material yourself. Find out which are the small local breeders and growers and buy genuine and locally sourced products in person. Even better if you rely on a catering company well integrated in the area that can offer menus that have sustainability at heart.

Who really wants to do a cheap wedding, as well asecological, can rent catering equipment and limit itself to hiring qualified personnel…. in short, the possibilities are many, theorganization of an ecological weddingit will be your last single / single challenge, so do your best!

Many tips have already been seen in the guide article dedicated to country weddings. For all information, please visit the page: country wedding.

Eco-chic wedding theme

We talk abouteco-chic weddingwhy theenvironmental sustainability, in many areas of Europe, it is becoming a real trend. We are talking about a lifestyle that often interfaces with those who choose vegetarian and vegan diets.

Generally it is not possible to force your neighbor to eat what you want… but on your wedding day you can do everything! A vegetarian or vegan menu fits perfectly with the green philosophy of eco chic theme.

Eco-sustainable wedding and wedding dress

The wedding dress, in general, is worn only once in a lifetime and then ends up in a box, perhaps with a few bags of mothballs. For a green wedding you should aim for a dress to wear even after the big day. Or, have you considered the idea of ​​renting the wedding dress?

There are several shops that offer wedding dresses for hire, to be adapted to the bride's size needs.

If you really want a dress of your own, go for natural or organic fabrics.

Decorations for tables and locations

Flowers can be the perfect decoration, shells are also excellent for a summer wedding. Depending on the season, you can use what nature offers you to decorate the rooms: in winter, the ice sculptures could be impressive, away from dry leaves and purple flowers in autumn, live flowers in spring and shells and vegetation in summer.


If it is a classic wedding, you will also have to think about the car to rent. What would you say about an electric car? Extremely quiet and zero emissions. There is no shortage of luxury electric cars on the market, so you will be spoiled for choice.

If you have guests who come from afar, organize their arrival with a car-sharing service ... or, more simply, rent a van that can collect them all in such a way as not to let them use their own car.