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How to save with pellet stoves

How to save with pellet stoves

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How to save with pellet stoves. Currently thepelletsit is counted among the cheapest and also the most environmentally friendly fuels. Only wood is cheaper thanpelletsbut compound difficulties of supply, storage and heat management.

In commerce they are foundpellet stoveswith large tank and automatic loading, so as to better manage the firebox. Still wanting to compare thepelletsto wood, another advantage to note is the reduced formation of residues: the burnt material to be disposed of amounts to only 1% ofpelletsto burn.

What are ipellets?
THEpelletsthey are wooden cylinders obtained by compacting wood sawdust and other similar waste. THEpelletsthey can have diameters of 6-10 mm and lengths ranging from 5 to 30 mm. In the production process ofpelletsno chemical glue is used, sawdust and other wood waste compact at high pressures thanks to a natural binder already contained in the plant cell walls, lignin.

How to save with pellet stoves, the choice ofpellets
Thepriceof the pellets varies based on several factors. Thebetter pelletsis that ofpure beech, followed by fir and finally by that of broad-leaved and mixed trees. If you have to choose thepelletsto fire pay attention toEuropean classification, in fact, there are 3 quality levels, the best is class A1, followed by A2 and B. A much more intuitive parameter is linked to the presence of wood dust: if there is a lot of dust in the bag, thepelletsit is of bad quality.

Forsave with pellet stovesit is advisable to stock up on fuel in the summer, when thecost of pelletsis lower. You can buy many bags ofpelletsin the summer and store it on pallets to then use it in the cold months. Forsaveon the purchase ofpelletsit is possible to organize buying groups: buying large quantities ofpelletsyou can choosepure beechand class A1 at very competitive prices and with quality guarantees.

Thepelletslower cost, usually, comes from the waste from the furniture industry and contains a high amount of chipboard. This leads to difficult combustion, a lower yield, a more abundant quantity of residues and the production of dirt and encrustations.

Forsave with pellet stovesIt will be necessary to focus not only on the quality of the fuel but also on the thermal insulation of the building. Thepellet stovesguarantee excellent yields but a lot depends on the possible presence of heat loss.

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