Smart electric, guaranteed used!

Smart electric, guaranteed used!

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The brandSmartboasts 75,000 changes of ownership every year, also making itself noticed in theused. Who wants to buy aused electric carcan count on this guarantee system: in the world of guaranteed second hand of the brandsmart the version is not missingElectric DrivewithSmart ED. In short, who is hunting for one used electric smart can count on guarantees worthy of the brand smart.

With the FirstHand showcase debut, buy oneelectric smart usedit has never been easier. ThereSmart EDis the first 100% electric citi car to enter a Smart guaranteed and safe used program. The decision was taken following a recent investigation by the research institute Bähr & Fess Forecast (Saar) which defines thesmart electric car like the car that over the next four years will retain the best residual value in the segment.

How much is a used electric car?

The prices of aused electric car, under the same conditions (km traveled, wear, battery status ...) are strictly related to the model. In the field of electric mobility, the new market is still in its infancy so there are no reliable estimates on the devaluation and prices of used cars.

In the case of guaranteed used itemssmart ED the subject changes. The rules of the FirstHand offer, a certified and guaranteed Mercedes-Benz used program esmart, are already defined.

The first signed zero-emission carsmart, made its debut in 2007 and the entry of the first smart electric drive into the fleet of Mercedes-Benz's FirstHand and smart program dates back to 2011.

Smart electric used price
The rules of the game are clear. Aelectric smart usedtakes you home to theprice14,900 euros (including VAT), to which 89 euros (including VAT) must be added as a monthly fee for the battery rental and maintenance contract. The battery rental contract retains all the terms already seen in the new market. Just like for the new one, in fact, also on the used one, through the formulaSale & Care, smart guarantees a battery performance of at least 80 percent for 10 years.

To enter the FirstHand circuit, a used electric Smart car must pass 100 in-depth checks involving every aspect of the vehicle, from mechanics to suspensions, from windows to interior trim.

Smart Electric Drive
There fortwo electric drive is a compact zero-emission car, available in both coupé and convertible versions. Thanks to the 55 kW electric motor, smart fortwo electric drive accelerates from 0 to 60 km / h in 4.8 seconds while the top speed is 125 km / h.
Smart electric autonomy
The 17.6 kWh battery allows you to travel around 145 kilometers in the city.

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