Photovoltaic Venetian blinds

Photovoltaic Venetian blinds

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Many people don't have the desire or the money to trade renovations green to the house in which they reside, for this reason it is nice to see that designers develop solutions that can be integrated at a later time. Who does not mean home refurbishing can increase theenergy efficiency through the installation of insulating panels, the addition of a thermostat and why not, of photovoltaic venetian blinds.

The photovoltaic blinds they can be easily integrated into any furniture. From the living room to the kitchen and can be a gem for offices and businesses. The Venetian exploit photovoltaic panels flexible and thin thanks to which they shield the sun by capturing its energy. This energy will then be returned to the home electrical network with a substantial economic saving on bill.

The San Diego company, la Plug and Save Energy, markets photovoltaic blinds tailored. There are every model so as to satisfy even the most demanding homes. A user who has already purchased this product speaks highly of it and explains that, as far as prices are concerned, it all depends on the surface of the window to be covered. He bought the photovoltaic blinds to cover the two large sliding doors of the veranda, the cost was 3,000 dollars. According to the supplier's website, a standard window is enough to produce 350W of power, which is enough to power a computer!

The San Diego company is not the only one producing photovoltaic blinds and blinds, Nanergy has developed a photovoltaic Venetian blind connected to an energy storage system. If the windows are large enough, one might think of introducing the energy produced into the local electricity grid in order to benefit from subsidies for photovoltaics.

Colt Group proposes photovoltaic blinds with triple role:
- they produce energy
- they are anti-burglary
- they play a role of thermal insulation

THE photovoltaic panels they are adjustable in order to ensure maximum performance. The installation is also approved in historic centers where architectural restrictions are in force.

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