Solar car, soon on the market

Solar car, soon on the market

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Solar car: price, output, features and all the information on the electric car with solar panels.

Ready to debut there is asolar carwhich should soon arrive on the market at a price of 4,500 euros. The car in question is called, born by the hand of Spanish designers.

L'solar carit is made of 80% recyclable materials and is the first solar car to debut on the market. It is very small, extremely compact, created for city travel: the top speed is 50 km / h while the range reaches 90 km. The price is of interest to the public: 4,500 euros.

The car was developed entirely in Spain, at Evovelo, a Malaga cooperative. Gonzalo Chomón, research and innovation director of Evovelo, explains the strong points of the car by highlighting the roof completely covered with thin-film photovoltaic panels.

"It is a vehicle for everyone and will be classified as a light electric vehicle - explains Chomón - cor how it will be exempt from stamp duty. Traditional insurance will not be necessary either ". The absence of the road tax and insurance are Spanish peculiarities, when and if the car will arrive on the Italian market it will need an RC car even if, being an electric vehicle, you will be able to enjoy ad hoc benefits and the exemption of the road tax for the first 5 years of the vehicle.

The car is powered by a small electric thruster (three-phase brushless) powered by a lithium battery. It takes 2 or 3 days to recharge the battery using only solar energy. The batteries are removable and can also be recharged in a classic household electrical outlet. One hour of plug-in connection is enough to recharge the battery up to 90%.

The solar panels on the vehicle roof allow you to recharge the vehicle when it is parked and stationary in the sun, while the removable batteries allow you to fill up anywhere.

DIY solar car

Even if theMoit's the first onesolar carto debut on the market, it is not the first car of its kind. In Japan, a boy who is passionate about DIY and mechanics, created a solar-powered car using the chassis of an old city car. With a cost of less than 2,000 euros, the Japanese boy managed to build a sun-powered electric car the size of a Panda. For all information, please refer to the articleDIY electric car.

In the Netherlands, a team of 22 students from the University of Eindhoven built a noteworthy solar-powered vehicle. The prototype is called Stella and can count on a range of 600 kilometers. Accomplices of the high autonomy are not only the efficiency of the engine and the battery pack but also the extreme lightness of the materials used: carbon fiber and aluminum. For all information on this solar-powered vehicle, please refer to article a Stella, the solar vehicle.

Cars with solar panels for sale

Who is on the hunt for asolar carand does not want to wait for the Spanish release in ItalyMo,can evaluate the purchase of a Leaf.

Sure, many will remember the 2009 Renault Zoe prototype the Zoe Concept. At the time the car was characterized by an electric motor capable of delivering 95 horsepower and could boast the presence of a solar panel roof which powered the air conditioning system so as to lighten the battery pack. The Renault Zoe R240 currently on the market can count on an extended range, on a very competitive price, but does not have any solar roof among the options.

On the contrary, the competitor of the French electric, the Japanese Nissan Leaf, can count on the integration of a photovoltaic panel in choice among the options. Nissan, in fact, among the packages to choose from, includes the spoiler with solar panel where the photovoltaic technology provides support energy for charging the auxiliary battery. The price of the Nissan Leaf starts at 23,790 euros with the battery rental solution (the monthly rental fee is 79 euros).

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