Cat fleas: natural remedies

Cat fleas: natural remedies

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Cat fleas: There are natural remedies, it is advisable to try them always asking our veterinarian for advice. Because not all natural is effective and can even be toxic for our friend. But there are also very quick remedies you can take as soon as your cat scratches more than usual. The cat fleas they are very frequent but they are also beatable.

When war is declared on cat fleas it is also necessary to take care of the spaces in which our cat hangs out: they must always be clean and sanitized. You can start vacuuming often and frequently wash pillows, blankets, cat kennels, carpets and anything that seems to attract and accommodate cat fleas.

Our friends go fishing in the garden, a small green lawn is enough to meet them and, once "on board" our cat, these parasites infect,small as they are, half a house: from the kennel to the various carpets, cushions, sofas. And if the cat has a habit of staying on your bed, fleas certainly won't have any problems getting on with it.

Natural remedies for cat fleas are first of all to be found in pharmacies and specialized pet shops where among the pesticides, effective, if they are also prepared with natural ingredients. Then we can undertake to prepare natural anti-flea do-it-yourself, at home, following the instructions given here and always discussing with the veterinarian. A good sense of observation of the cat's symptoms and reactions is absolutely necessary. To detect any sign of discomfort.

Cat fleas: liquid and spray natural remedies

Most of the natural remedies for hunting the cat fleas are solutions with natural substances, to be sprayed or spread on the fur of our animal. Let's start with the toughest, or almost, at least for the smell, but it is also the most likely substance we can have at home. IS' the vinegar. That of wine has a strong power disinfectant, you will know, and if you dilute it in water by pouring the solution obtained on a soft cloth, you can use it to clean the cat's coat.

As vinegar also that of apple cider it can be used, with this "recipe": two parts of apple cider vinegar and one of water. With this formula you get a remedy against cat fleas which lasts for about 3-4 days.

From vinegar, remaining in the fight against cat fleas you move on to the mix of lemon and baking soda, prepared by boiling half a liter of water in a pot and then adding four lemons cut in half and continuing to "cook" for about half an hour. At the end, 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate are added and it is mixed, left to cool and the obtained mixture, filtered, is ready to be used as a spray.

Also aromatic decoctions they are similar to prepare and apply and certain herbs have good success against cat fleas. I speak for example of eucalyptus, sage and laurel. Boiled for 5-10 minutes in plenty of water, and left to cool, filtered and applied, they are a natural remedy against cat fleas of the simplest, comfortable to rub the hair.

We end the proposals of natural remedies with oils. L'peppermint essential oil it works because it repels with its own smell, a few drops on the collar and it's done. Against the cat fleas l is also usedNeem oil for its disinfectant properties: it can be used in drops on the mantle directly or on a fabric to create a sort of collar against cat fleas.

Cat fleas: what they are

Among the many external parasites that annoy our cat friends the most frequent and irritating are most likely the fleas. These annoying little beings can cause simple skin irritation or even a severe allergy that degenerates into dermatitis from cat flea allergy. By violently and constantly licking the animal, it also loses its hair.

If the cat is particularly sensitive, the flea can also cause miliary dermatitis, a skin rash that manifests itself with small itchy scabs. These parasites, also responsible for tapeworm and are carriers of the bacterium bartonella.

Cat fleas: how to get rid of them from home

When you decide to delete the cat fleas from their hair it is necessary to think to act also in its environment and not only on its hair. Therefore, interventions must be made in our home to thoroughly clean all the environments where our animals are most stationed. Especially for carpets, sofas and armchairs.

For example, we start by soaking curtains, blankets and sofa covers in a solution made of water and a sprig of rosemary or lavender, and then proceed with normal washing. There is also the opportunity to make a trap to exterminate the cat fleas with natural remedies.

These parasites are attracted to light, a dish of soapy water is placed under a lamp during the night to trap them. Fleas see the light and drown: it applies to fleas in the environment, those on the hair do not move easily so it is necessary not to stop cleaning your cat's coat and combing it with a comb, better if with gritted teeth.

When intervening on the environment of our feline friends, we must be very careful about theirs intolerances: they are sensitive to many foods and plants which can be toxic or even lethal. We always check what we use as a lotion, for example there are some "trivial" plants that can harm our cats: mistletoe, cyclamen, azalea, lilies, poinsettias, oleander and castor beans.

Cat fleas: classic remedies

For completeness against the cat fleas we also mention less natural remedies: the fight has no limits and always consulting the vet it may be that the conditions require you to use for example some shampoos or lotions, flea collars for cats or a powdered pesticide.

Very suitable for cat fleas are pesticides in shape "Spot-on": a minimal amount of liquid on the skin, between the animal's shoulder blades, spreads to the rest of the body within 24 hours. Some of these products have also been designed to protect the environment, what is important is that they act quickly and long duration.

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