How to perfume wardrobes and drawers

How to perfume wardrobes and drawers

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How to perfume wardrobes and drawers: a practical guide to making do-it-yourself perfumers for linen wardrobes and drawers.

It is not uncommon to have to contend with bad smells in the drawers and in the wardrobe. To have scented drawers and cabinets proper maintenance must be ensured for the environment.

We cannot advise you toventilatethe room: drawers and cabinets, by their nature, will be closed most of the time! However, we can advise you to perform a thorough preliminary cleaning for cleanse thoroughly the surfaces of drawers and wardrobe.

Unfortunately, often the bad smell of drawers and cabinets it is dictated by humidity and mold spores, in this case it will be necessary to remove the drawers and, after careful cleaning, expose them in a sunny area. Do not choose the midday sun but the early morning or afternoon sun, the sun could deform the wood so if you really want to choose the hottest hours of the day, arrange the drawers in a partial shade area. The sun is a natural anti-mold: it eliminates moisture and mold spores.

If the drawer is fixed and impossible to extract, leave it open for a couple of days, taking care to open the doors and windows of the room.

To clean drawers and cabinets it will not be necessary to use chemical detergents. Cleaning can take place withnatural cleanserssuch as vinegar and baking soda. In particular, we recommend the use of sodium bicarbonate which is able to neutralize bad odors. Mix some baking soda with lemon juice and dilute with a few drops of water. Use the paste obtained to clean all surfaces of drawers and cabinets. This operation must be carried out only after having removed all traces of dust.

Check for the presence of moths or woodworms, I hope there are none, however, in this case, I refer you to the advice in the articleremedies to eliminate woodworms.

After the first cleaning, wait 24 hours during which the drawer must dry completely and be exposed to the open air as much as possible as described above.

If your home has serious humidity problems, do not hesitate to add silicon sachets, they are excellent for preventing the appearance of mold and that "stale bad smell“.

After thorough cleaning it will be possible to put away your clothes and linen. Only now can you add aair freshener for drawers and cabinets.

How to perfume drawers and cabinets

When the hygienic conditions of drawers and cabinets are enviable, it will be possible to start preparing DIY perfumers. To perfume drawers and cabinets you can prepare home deodorants based on dried herbs or based on essential oils.

The fastest way toperfume drawers and cabinetssees the addition of dried lavender flowers collected in bunches. They are also beautiful to look at, especially if hung neatly on clothes hangers! Just pick up some lavender flowers, form bunches to decorate with ribbons and arrange them in the rooms to be perfumed.

Another classic remedy involves the composition of a potpourri of dried flowers. Both the bunches of lavender and the potpourri must be regenerated every 2-3 months with the complete replacement or with the addition of a few drops of scented essential oils.

Essential oils are perfect for those looking for fragrancesdifferent from usual. You can choose from fresher fragrances such as eucalyptus, mint, or cedar tea tree oil, with more classic aromas such as the essence of orange, lemon and jasmine. Essential oils are very popular in aroma therapy and their use as home deodorants could also have positive effects on the mood of those who live in the house!

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